KRG’s extensive lineup of machinery and manufacturing processes is the key to our success. Our ideology emphasizes reinvesting in the latest manufacturing techniques, production strategies and software integration to stay competitive in the industry and allow our customers to benefit with increased efficiencies. We continue to develop the most efficient procedures to bring your retail brand to life while maintaining the highest quality in the most cost-effective manner. KRG utilizes our machinery and technology in ways that reduce labor, minimize variances and improve tolerances in order to keep consistency in production.

With our expertise and extensive knowledge in material selections we explore each display’s design objective and prescribe the ideal material for your retail merchandising application. We provide finishes and construction methods that will meet customer’s budgets and the high traffic demands of the store environment. KRG’s capabilities reach far beyond woods, plastics, veneers and solid surfaces.We utilize a vast array of specialized materials such as digital print applications, molded faux components, profile wrapped moldings that will creatively reflect the expression of your brand.

KRG has the ability to incorporate various solutions into the manufacturing process, whether domestic or global resources. Our established partners in the field are held to the highest standards of quality.

With a keen understanding of your retail program, we analyze each element of your store design to achieve the optimum sourcing solution, working closely with our clients to determine the best supply chain path in order to maximize your store program budget.

From prototype development to multifaceted rollouts, KRG is equipped to succeed with any scale project while assuring timeliness and staying on budget. Our team works closely with our clients, understanding their challenges and developing a manufacturing strategy that focuses on meeting their goals.